Recent Projects

Elkton High School
101 James Street, Elkton, MD
~ EDIS Company

Congressional Country Club
8500 River Road, Bethesda, MD
~ Coakley & Williams Construction

Greenbaum Cancer Center
22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, MD
~ Kimball Construction

TSA Systems Reagan Airport
West Post Office Road, Reagan International Airport
~ John H. Hampshire

St. Michaels Educational Complex
100 Seymour Ave., St. Michaels, MD
~ Turner Contracting Company

Bowie State Fine & Performing Arts
9100 Loop Road East, Bowie, MD
~ Holder Construction

Library of Congress TJB Tunnel
Jefferson Building, Washington, DC
~ Forrester Construction

University of Maryland Medical Center
Greene Street, Baltimore, MD
~ The Whiting-Turner Construction Company (7th Floor)
~ Kinsley Construction (8th & 9th Floors)

Old Court Middle School
4627 Old Court Road, Baltimore, MD
~ Phillips Way

Center for Advanced Research (CARB II)
9610 Guldesky Drive, Rockville, MD
~ Barton Malow